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Darfur defence committee: Detainee with TB ‘has lost his mind’

November 3 - 2022 OMDURMAN
(File photo)
(File photo)

The Defence Committee of Detainees in North Darfur stated that a Darfur detainee with tuberculosis in El Huda Prison in Omdurman, has suffered severe mental health issues as a result of maltreatment and insufficient medical attention.

In a statement by the defence committee, they said that the detainee Nasr El Din Yousef “lost his mind” whilst imprisoned in El Huda.

They added that tuberculosis has also become a “threat to life” for Sami Ahmed El Haj, who is another detainee in the Omdurman prison.  

The committee stated they would submit an urgent request to the prison administration to “refer the detainee to a psychiatric hospital as soon as possible” and refer the other tuberculosis patient to a hospital so he can “obtain the necessary health care”.

The detainee defenders also submitted a complaint to the junta authority based on the abuses committed against the prisoners, noting the inability of the Attorney General “to exercise his legal duties” in protecting them.

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