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Darfur Bar Ass asks relatives to identify student killed in Khartoum raid

January 9 - 2019 OMDURMAN
File photo
File photo

The Darfur Bar Association has appealed to the relatives of the Darfuri students whose house was raided by the security forces at El Doroshab in Khartoum North to immediately go to the Omdurman hospital mortuary and try to identify the body of an unidentified man.

The Darfuri student died during a raid on Friday morning by members of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) on the house at El Doroshab North, where 10 students of the University of El Zaeem El Azhari are living.

The Darfur lawyers said that a Bar Association delegation went to the mortuary of Omdurman Hospital and met with its director, Prof Jamal Yousef, who reported the arrival of an unidentified body.

The Bar Association said it will take the necessary legal procedures to determine the criminal responsibility and prosecute the perpetrators.

‘Sabotage cell’

Last week, the Darfur Bar Association called for the immediate release of 32 Darfuri students of the University of Sennar, who were arrested on December 23 and stand accused of being ‘a sabotage cell’ of the Abdelwahid faction of the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM-AW).

The students were detained by agents of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) at their rented house in Sennar. The group was later shown on state television and presented as a cell belonging to the SLM-AW. According to their accusers in the NISS, they were allegedly “trained in Israel by the Mossad secret service and returned to Sudan to carry out acts of sabotage”.

The Bar Association labelled this a ‘trial by media’.

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