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Darfur activists lament insecurity, Blue Nile state is short of water

Displaced girls collect water from a shallow pool in Blue Nile state (Archive photo).
Displaced girls collect water from a shallow pool in Blue Nile state (Archive photo).

People from Gireida locality, South Darfur, have complained of a lack of security, continuing violence, and conflicts, as well as poor health and education. They said that 270 people were killed, 170 wounded, and 2,700 homes burned, in events that have taken place in Gireida locality during 2020-2021.The ongoing water shortage in Blue Nile state has entered its third week without sign of respite.

Activist Ibrahim El Sheikh called for further support for those affected by these events during a press conference organised by the Gireida University Students’ Association in Khartoum. He explained that arson has affected both the neighbourhoods of the city and the camps for the displaced, and that the fires have affected local agriculture.

He stressed the need for urgent intervention by international and regional organisations and also called on the federal government to declare Gireida locality a disaster area.

Haidar Ahmed Osman told the press conference that insecurity had led to migration and displacement and has also caused a halt to agriculture and impeded transportation. He also criticised Gireida locality’s decision to hand over the headquarters of the joint United Nations-African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) to the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), instead of handing it over to civil institutions.

Resistance Committees from Ram, South Darfur, announced a comprehensive peaceful sit-in protest starting on Tuesday outside the stock exchange. They will aim to stop all types of collection in protest against the state government’s failure to implement the demands of the past six months. Local people have demanded the provision of electricity, health, and water services, in addition to reviewing a number of institutions.

The Ministry of Social Development in West Darfur said that there are 102 shelter centres and that government institutions in the state have all turned into centres to shelter the displaced. The Secretary General of the National Council for Child Welfare, Osman Shayba confirmed that more than three million children are not going to school.

In Blue Nile State, the water crisis in Bout, El Tadamon locality, has peaked. Sabra Ismail, a member of the committee to combat the crisis, told Radio Dabanga that the water shortage has now exceeded 20 days, and is still ongoing. He also said that the amount of fuel remaining to operate the pumps will not last beyond the next three days and that there are no signs that more fuel will be available soon.

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