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Critical water shortage in Port Sudan, North Darfur camp

April 19 - 2017 PORT SUDAN / NYALA
File photo
File photo

Reservoirs that provide drinking water to Port Sudan are so depleted that they hold less than can supply the city’s needs for a month. The displaced of Nyala are suffering thirst from a lack of serviceable wells and pumps.

The Water Corporation attributes the crisis to the cleaning of the reservoirs of sludge.

Post Sudan resident Mohammed Karrar told Radio Dabanga that the reason for the crisis is a drop in the water level at the Arbaat Reservoir which feeds the city with water.

“The water that remains in the reservoir cannot satisfy the city for a month.”


The displaced people of camp Otash in Nyala, South Darfur, have complained of a severe drinking water crisis due to a lack of fuel, and the breakdown of a number of pumps and water wells.

One of the Sheikhs told Radio Dabanga that WEST water organisation in the camp told them that the cause of the crisis is a lack of fuel to run the pumps, depletion of water levels in a number of wells, and non-operation of wells at 4 Sanatir.

He said the organisation has asked the displaced to contribute financially to resolving the problem.

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