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Covid-19: Khartoum worst affected as toll reaches 778 cases and 45 deaths in Sudan

May 5 - 2020 KHARTOUM
Poster by Sudan's Ministry of Health urging the public to call 9090 to report suspected Covid-19 cases
Poster by Sudan's Ministry of Health urging the public to call 9090 to report suspected Covid-19 cases

Sudan’s federal Ministry of Health reported a total of 186 new coronavirus (Covid-19) cases in the country on Monday and Tuesday and 45 people have died since the outbreak of the pandemic. This brings the total number of cases to 778, with Khartoum state worst affected.

Various states have taken stricter precautionary measures to limit the spread of the pandemic.

The ministry reported 74 new cases in Khartoum on Monday, and 86 more on Tuesday. 15 new cases and two fatalities were registered in North Kordofan, seven cases in North Kordofan, three in El Gedaref as well as two more cases and one fatality in El Gezira.

In a statement via the official Sudan News Agency (SUNA) today, the Ministry of Health reported a total of 778 cases and 45 coronavirus-related fatalities throughout the country.

Khartoum is by far the worst effected with a total of 680 cases, El Gezira 30, North Kordofan 23, El Gedaref 12, Sennar 10, five each in River Nile state and five in South Darfur, four in West Kordofan, three in North Darfur, two in East Darfur,  and one case registered White Nile state, Central Darfur, Red Sea state, and Northern State.


In El Gezira, the Doctors Committee complained about a severe shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE). In Kassala, Director General of the Ministry of Health, Iman El Awad confirmed the reporting of 14 suspected cases, who recently came from Khartoum. “currently, there is no positive confirmed Covid-19 cases yet in Kassala,” he said.

In North Kordofan, three health workers have tested positive for Covid-19.

South Kordofan, the authorities have closed the state borders to limit the movement between the localities. The local government took more precautionary measures to reinforce the social distancing policy.

The acting governor of the South Kordofan Maj Gen Rashad Abdelhamid Ismail explained that its government intends to implement all the lockdown measures to limit the spread of the pandemic. “Movement will be highly restricted within South Kordofan, except for necessary purposes,” he said. The governor also urged the central government to provide South Kordofan with PPE and other necessary medical equipment.

In East Darfur, the authorities closed borders with all neighbouring states and other localities. The local government also decided to close all markets in the capital El Daein from 12 pm and the weekly local markets for 15 days. The authority banned all public gatherings including breaking the fast of Ramadan in groups and public prayers such as Tarawih and Friday sermon.


In Khartoum, the Ministry of Health condemned what it called the ‘sabotage’ of El Fateh Hospital by a group of unidentified people after unconfirmed reports said that the Ministry of Health intended to turn the hospital into a quarantine location for Covid-19 patients.

The General Director of Therapeutic Medicine, Dr Mahjoub Menofli, said that the hospital was never intended to be used as an isolation centre for Covid-19 because it does not meet the criteria. “They sabotaged the equipment and destroyed the hospital that provides health services in these dire circumstances,” he said.

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