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‘Corruption’ hinders health care in West Kordofan

March 25 - 2019 WEST KORDOFAN
(file photo)
(file photo)

Activists and employees of the Department of Health Insurance in West Kordofan reported to Radio Dabanga that the department is corrupt, which has led to many health crises in the state.

Deterioration of services of the hospitals and health centres, according to the activists, stems from the selling of medicines which have been given to them to distribute, unpaid salaries, and neglection of cleaning of the medical centres.

This corruption has allegedly caused terrible deterioration of health in the state and the closure of some hospitals and health centres in the state.

Among those closed is health centre El Mujlad. Its employees have begun to strike because salaries were unpaid for two months.

Employees of the Ministry of Health in West Kordofan have called on the state government to form a committee to find a solution in El Mujlad as soon as possible.

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