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Continous developments over Doha Agreement

August 1 - 2011 El Fasher

Zam Zam rejects Doha Agreement, SLM (independent) ready to join

Almost three weeks ago, the Doha Peace Agreement was signed, on July 14, 2011, in Qatar's capital. The signatories were the government of Sudan and Dr. Tijani Sese's Liberation and Justice Movement (LJM). Since then, dissenting movements, international organizations, and states around the world, have either supported or dismissed the agreement.

Generally speaking, the international community, including the USA and the EU, have favoured the agreement, and have pressed for other movements to join. Most movements in Darfur have been opposed, claiming the agreement does not tackle their main concerns, e.g. the lack of prosectution of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, but also that there are no clear provisions for displaced persons to reclaim their land.

Some movements seem to move towards recognition of the Doha Agreement, while other maintain an opposing stance.


Zamzam Camp rejects Doha Agreement

Yesterday, the political department of UNAMID's Civil Affairs Unit held a poll among the displaced persons of Zam Zam Camp, on how they view the Doha Agreement. The outcome of the survey was that people do not believe that the agreement will bring peace in Darfur.

A leading activist of Zam Zam Camp pointed out to Radio Dabanga, that, still many movements oppose the agreement. There are three political major movements, as well as armed movements in Darfur that have not signed the agreement, and have not participated in negotiations.

SLM (independent) ready to join Doha agreement

The independent Sudan Liberation Movement, under the chairmanship of Adam Idris Hassan (SLM (Independent) is willing to join Sese's LJM. Abdullah Abaker Yusuf, Secretary General of the SLM (Independent) told Radio Dabanga, that they are ready to join, as they are convinced that they were represented in the General Secretariat of the Revolutionary Council of Liberation, and the Judicial Council

Bashir meets Bassole over security issues in Darfur

Today, President Omar al-Bashir met with Djibril Bassole, joint mediator for Darfur Peace and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Burkina Faso. They will discuss issues related to security and peace in the region, and how to implement the Doha document.

After the meeting, Bassole confirmed, that he had been in contact with movements, that have not signed on to the Doha Document. He said, that he has been urging them to catch up with the peace in Darfur. Bassole recognizes the need for the agreement to include armed movements, while he stressed, that he does not want the war in Darfur to flare up, again. Bassole wishes to include Minni Minawi's SLM (MM) and Abdul Wahid's SLM (AW) and Khalil's Justice and Equality Movement, in the Doha peace process.

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