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Committee to follow-up water and electricity projects in North Darfur

July 19 - 2017 EL FASHER
Opening of new water pumps in Darfur (file photo)
Opening of new water pumps in Darfur (file photo)

The Legislative Council of North Darfur instructed the formation of a committee to follow-up the important and urgent projects, especially water and electricity problems in the state capital of El Fasher.

In a statement on Monday, the Council stressed the need to continue the state efforts to address the problems of water and electricity, as well as the development of a comprehensive plan for the rehabilitation and maintenance of reservoirs to provide drinking water, and follow-up the water project of the Transitional Authority of El Fasher city, where about 65% of the work been completed but stopped because of lack of funding.

Kamal El Sayed Abushouk, the Minister of Urban Planning, admitted that resolving the problem of water and electricity of El Fasher is greater than the capacity of the Ministry and the state; which requires the formation of a support committee to follow up the problem.

The Minister revealed that his ministry has reached agreement with Unamid to provide large pumps to raise the efficiency of the wells for water production, in addition to another agreement with the two organisations to add twenty tanks in El Fasher and 120 'kiosks' for rehabilitation and increase of the carrier lines.

Minister El Sayed announced the start of work on these projects in August.

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