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Committee selected to investigate recent violence in Blue Nile state

Hausa people fleeing El Roseires town after the eruption of tribal violence in Blue Nile state on July 16, 2022 (Sudan Tribune)
Hausa people fleeing El Roseires town after the eruption of tribal violence in Blue Nile state on July 16, 2022 (Sudan Tribune)

Governor of Blue Nile state and head of the security committee in the region Gen Ahmed El Omda Badi met with a delegation of the committee investigating the recent violent events in the state. The meeting took place in his office in Ed Damazin on Thursday evening.

The committee was formed by a decree of the Senior Public Prosecutor at the federal level and is headed by Chief Public Prosecutor Ibrahim El Hadi Ibrahim.

The governor and the delegation reviewed all issues related to the ongoing arrangements to implement the committee's tasks and duties.

In a statement following the meeting, the chairman of the committee briefed the press on the fact that they had completed the selection of the committee's membership in preparation of carrying out its various tasks.

UN Meeting

Deputy Special Representative of the United Nations Khardiata Lô Ndiaye discussed the recent violence in Blue Nile and its continuing impact on civilians, with women's groups from Blue Nile state, Darfur, and El Gezira. “The United Nations is committed to supporting Blue Nile women, not only as beneficiaries but as agents of change,” she said.

Blue Nile conflict

Last week, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Sudan explained that unconfirmed reports indicate that over 31,000 people have been displaced after intercommunal violence in Blue Nile State and are currently seeking shelter in Blue Nile state, Sennar, El Gezira, and White Nile state.

On July 25, roughly 12,600 people sought refuge in the Blue Nile state capital of Ed Damazin and its outskirts.

Last week, activists warned of the impending health crisis displaced people in Ed Damazin will face if humanitarian organisations don’t intervene soon.

Another 12,800 people from Blue Nile reportedly sought refuge in Sennar, OCHA wrote, whilst another 4,500 people sought refuge in White Nile and about 1,220 people are in El Gezira.

OCHA and its health partners continue to provide aid and dispatched enough supplies to cater to the needs of 30,000 people for three months.

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