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Cholera continues to spread along the Nile

June 21 - 2017 SUDAN
Cholera patients in Kosti, White Nile state, 24 May 2017 (RD correspondent)
Cholera patients in Kosti, White Nile state, 24 May 2017 (RD correspondent)

Sudan’s cholera outbreak has expanded to include new areas in Kassala and El Gedaref states. Four people have died and more than 80 have been infected with cholera in New Halfa locality in Kassala state this week.

On Monday, a health source told Radio Dabanga that the infections have spread to the districts of El Sawra, Kambo, Village 33 Abunajma, and Village 18 Arab.

The source explained the continuous increase in the incidence of cholera and spread in various villages and districts of New Halfa.

Four people died in El Gedaref state on Monday, while dozens were infected in El Fashaga and Galaa Elnaha.

Sources said that Umsagta area in Galaa Elnahal locality recorded two cases and Umgargoura in El Fashaga locality recorded two deaths.

A health source from El Gedaref said that on average, 30 cases a day visit El Gedaref Hospital.

He pointed out that El Saraf El Ahmar area of El Gallabat East locality has recorded 40 cases, while the number of infections at El Hawata area has amounted to 20 cases

The health source pointed out that on Tuesday the number of hospitalised cases at camp Umgargoura for refugees in El Gedaref amounted to 22 cases with a remarkable decrease in the number of new infections.

Khartoum state

Deaths and infections with cholera are still ongoing in Khartoum state.

The emergency room of El Ezba district in Khartoum North reported the death of one case on Tuesday, bringing the number of deaths since the beginning of the epidemic three weeks ago to 20 cases while the total number of infected has been 286

An activist in the emergency room  pointed to the relapse of a number of cases that have earlier received treatment.

The activist spoke of continued efforts of the emergency room in the chlorination of water, spraying and sterilising the houses of the district in addition to health education campaigns in the houses.

He said that on Tuesday the emergency room received students of the Faculty of Health of the University of Khartoum who organised a campaign of health education in homes of the district.

He said the awareness team directed people not to organise mass breaking of the fast for Ramadan.

In El Haj Yousif in Khartoum North, a medical source explained that the number of cases of cholera in the Albanjadeed Hospital were 27 cases, including four children from Eid Babikir Koran school.

He mentioned the death of one person on Sunday with a remarkable increase in infection rates after having experienced a decrease during the past few days.

A medical source said that the hospital in Bashayer recorded three deaths and 48 infection cases on Monday, while the number of infections at Omdurman Hospital has amounted to 50 cases, mostly from El Rashideen district.

White Nile

The incidences of cholera infection in the White Nile state has reportedly witnessed a substantial decrease.

The National Epidemiological Corporation said in a report on Tuesday that the number of hospitalised cases at Kosti hospital amounted to 23. With five new cases .

Sources told Radio Dabanga that the average daily visits at Umelada village near Kosti have been five cases, while the number of hospitalised cases at El Marabee in El Gezira Aba has fallen to ten including two critical cases.

Sources attributed the decrease of the disease to appropriate medical intervention, health education, awareness campaigns and sanitation of the environment.

The sources pointed out that on Tuesday El Duweim Hospital in White Nile state recorded one case, while the number of hospitalised cases in the isolation centre have been seven.

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