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Chikungunya in Sudan

The chikungunya virus (Wikipedia A2-33)
The chikungunya virus (Wikipedia A2-33)

Health care professionals in eastern Sudan’s Kassala reported seven cases of chikungunya fever on Saturday. Coronavirus precautions are extended.

Laboratory tests confirmed a low level of platelets in blood samples from the patients, which is typical for chikungunya.

The health care professionals expressed their concern that the disease might become an epidemic, as was the case two years ago when dozens died.

The Technical Committee for Health Emergencies in Kassala recommended that the comprehensive lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) be extended for an additional ten days. The markets will only open from 6:00 until 12:00 and transportation remains banned.

The total number of coronavirus cases in Kassala is 53, 33 in Kassala locality, 19 in New Halfa, and one in Reefi Kassala.

The Khartoum state Ministry of Health is monitoring the condition of more than 2,000 people quarantined in their homes.

The ministry stated on Sunday that there has been an increase of patients who are not infected with coronavirus in government hospitals, health centres, and private hospitals.

The Joint Central Coronavirus Emergency Room in Khartoum decided to provide additional in-kind support to people affected by the coronavirus precautions. About 330,000 food baskets have already been distributed. At this moment 10,000 baskets are distributed every day.

In Red Sea state, activists called for a comprehensive lockdown and a ban on movement between localities of the state after two patients died and nine new coronavirus cases were confirmed on Friday.

The authorities in El Gedaref decided to open the main markets in the state from 6:00 until 15:00 from Thursday. The El Gedaref High Committee for Health Emergencies ordered that face masks must be worn and people had to adhere to the social distancing precautions. Violations will be punished. The curfew from 18:00 to 6.00 remains in effect.

The ban on transport between the localities of the state and to other states will continue. Farmers will be allowed to move between localities with an official permit granted by the local authorities.

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