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Central Darfur students daily summoned to security office

October 6 - 2017 ZALINGEI
A prisoner walks out of the gates of Kober Prison in the Sudanese capital (Getty Images)
A prisoner walks out of the gates of Kober Prison in the Sudanese capital (Getty Images)

Two students from the Zalingei University, along with two relatives of another student who’s wanted by the Sudanese security apparatus, have been summoned to the security’s office daily this week.

The two university students, Ahmed Mohamed Abakar of the Faculty of Economics, and Saleh Ibrahim Saleh of the Faculty of Computer and Information Technology of the Zalingei University, were arrested on 25 September. They attended the public speech held by students of the United Popular Front (UPF), the students’ faction of the rebel movement of Abdelwahid El Nur, that day in Zalingei.

After their release last Monday, Abakar and Saleh have been forced to appear at the office of the security service every morning. They are requested to stay until the evening, and then ordered to appear again the next morning, a source informed Radio Dabanga.

Also the two detained relatives of Zalingei University student Mohamed Ali, who is wanted by the security service, have not yet been released. Ali has to hand himself over to the authorities in order to release his two uncles.

The arrests last week came against the backdrop of mass speeches held by the UPF that day. The UPF publicly denounced the incidents in Kalma camp for displaced people and the “crimes committed by President Al Bashir”.

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