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Central Darfur govt. begin restoring services in Jebel Marra

August 21 - 2016 ZALINGEI
Jebel Marra Crisis Fact Sheet, 22 February 2016 (OCHA Sudan)
Jebel Marra Crisis Fact Sheet, 22 February 2016 (OCHA Sudan)

The High State Committee for the support of Jebel Marra in Central Darfur has reported the arrival of medical equipment and shelter materials to Golo and Rokoro.

Jebel Marra witnessed extensive destruction and displacement during the first months of this year owing to fighting between government forces and rebel combatants.

Mohamed Mousa Ahmed, Deputy Governor of Central Darfur, told reporters in Zalingei last week that more than 1,600 displaced villagers have returned to the areas of Golo and Rokoro. The restoration of health and education services, as well as the provision of clean drinking water, has commenced.

He said that the security situation is improving, and the markets have re-opened and started to recover from the attacks, especially in Golo in central Jebel Marra.

The armed forces have cordoned-off the area with a substantial number of security reinforcement troops, to prevent the rebel combatants from returning to the region.

The deputy governor added that check points have been established along the roads leading from Nierteti to Rokoro, to secure the safe arrival of commercial and relief convoys.

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