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Camp leader warns UN about ‘false displaced’

November 13 - 2012 GENEVA / DARFUR

One day ahead of a UN Special Rapporteur visit to Sudan, a North Darfur camps coordinator warned him that ‘false displaced persons’ belonging to the government may try to provide him incorrect information about the reality in Darfur on behalf of the displaced.    

The Special Rapporteur, Chaloka Beyani, will visit Sudan from 14 to 22 November at the invitation of the government, according to a UN press release from Tuesday, 13 November.

During his visit, Beyani will meet with Government representatives, members of civil society, UN officials and other parties, the statement read. He will also visit various sites of displacement and return, and meet with displaced persons, local authorities and affected communities.

“I will consider the situation of internally displaced persons, including in Darfur, with a view to assessing the current humanitarian, protection and durable solutions needs, and providing relevant recommendations,” he said.  

‘False displaced’

At the same time, Omda Ahmed Ateem Osman, North Darfur camps coordinator, stated that Beyani must be careful during his visit to Darfur. He claimed that there are many people recruited by the government and by the Liberation and Justice Movement (LJM) pretending to be displaced persons.

These people, he explained to Radio Dabanga, may try to provide him incorrect information about the reality in Darfur on behalf of the displaced.  

Osman also asked Beyani to give the displaced ‘real guarantees’ that they can leave their camps without the risk of being detained, abducted or killed after he leaves the area. According to Osman, it has happened in the past that displaced people are threatened following the visit of an official in the region.  

Package of demands

In addition, the displaced from Darfur have prepared a ‘package of demands’ ahead of Beyani’s visit to Sudan, Osman told Radio Dabanga.

Speaking with a member of the Supreme Commission for displaced persons and refugees from Darfur, Osman said the most important demand concerns the respect of human rights for the displaced in Darfur.  

These demands, they continued, include: security, protection, freedom of expression, free movement of relief and humanitarian agencies, human rights, justice, the protection of women against rapes, the protection of civilians against aerial bombings (which leads to more displacement), and that perpetrators are brought to trial.   

Osman added that protection and security must be provided for the displaced inside the camps, which are constantly targeted by the government and its militias. He cited examples of incidents that took place in Kassab, Hamidiya and Fatta Barno camps not too long ago.

Lastly, Osman mentioned to Radio Dabanga the need to alter the mandate of UNAMID, so that it can defend itself and the displaced. He suggested that the peacekeeping forces must be converted to peacemaking, because there is no peace in Darfur.


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