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Call for Arab tribes ‘not to participate in Sudan’s divide-and-rule policy’

May 31 - 2017 KHARTOUM
Sudan Armed Forces (File photo)
Sudan Armed Forces (File photo)

The Revolutionary Awakening Council in Sudan, led by Mousa Hilal, has called on “all Arab tribes in Darfur, Kordofan, and Blue Nile state to disobey the government’s military orders and refrain from participating in its war convoys”.

In a statement, the Council’s spokesman Ahmed Mohamed Abakar appealed to the population “to stop tribal problems, renounce violence, and unite behind their cause which has deliberately been stolen by the Government”.

He stressed that “the ongoing wars are now fabricated for the purpose of a divide-and-rule policy of which the ruling elite in Khartoum is the ultimate beneficiary rather than the people of Sudan”.

He called on “all the Arab tribes not to obey the military instructions, withdraw from the militias, not to participate in the military convoys whether inside or outside Sudan and to immediately withdraw to return to your people and regions”.

He said “If there is a need for war, we ask you to point weapons against those who employ you to fight on their behalf in order to take your political, economic and military rights instead of fighting a proxy war”.

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