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Boy burns to death in attack on villages in North Darfur

February 5 - 2015 El FASHER LOCALITY
Part of North Darfur map (OCHA)
Part of North Darfur map (OCHA)

In a militia attack on the area north of Tabit on Wednesday, three villages were destroyed by fire. An eight-year old boy burned to death, and four people were injured. 

“Large groups of militiamen on camels, coming from the direction of Tawila, raided the villages of Hijeir Tunjo, Magharba, Hillet El Doma, and Um Gabo, 15 km north of Tabit,” multiple sources told Dabanga.

“They beat and robbed the villagers, wounding four people seriously. Then they set fire to three of the villages. Only Um Gabo was spared. Musab Eisa Mahjoub burned to death inside his house in Hijeir Tunjo,” one of them reported.

The witnesses noted that the smoke of the burning villages could be seen “even from Shangil Tobaya, in the south, and Zamzam camp in the north”.

They confirmed that the roads between Tabit, Tawila, Zamzam, and El Fasher, capital of North Darfur, are closed.

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