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Blue Nile opposition call for public to join sit-in

May 7 - 2019 ED DAMAZIN
|#SudanUprising poster (AFC)
|#SudanUprising poster (AFC)

The Alliance for Freedom and Change (AFC) in Ed Damazin, capital of Blue Nile state, have called on the people in the state to mobilise and join the sit-in in front of the army command in the town “to protect the revolution”.

A leading member of the Alliance for Freedom and Change in Ed Damazin told Radio Dabanga that an army officer attempted to remove the barricades on the road near the sit-in on Sunday, which angered the protesters who entered into a fight with the officer.

The Alliance for Freedom and Change appealed to the people in Ed Damazin to aid the protesters with Ramadan provisions and tents.

On Monday, the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change in El Dindir in Sennar marched to the locality’s offices demanding the formation of a civil government in the country, in addition to addressing local problems, in particular the long water outages, especially during the summer and the month of Ramadan.

Demonstrators in El Dindir also called for “an end to the chaos at the fuel pumps, an increase of the locality’s share of flour to bake bread, and restoration of the locality’s civil registry office. They as well demanded the elimination of corruption and the corrupt and the arrest of all figures of the former regime.

On Monday, protests by residents of Sinkat and Bashayer in the Red Sea state in eastern Sudan have continued demanding improved services.

Journalist Osman Hashim told Radio Dabanga "They have carried out protests since Sunday demanding the provision of water and electricity and the rehabilitation of health facilities".

They also demanded the elimination of some of the leaders of the port for non-response to their demands.

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