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Bakeries close, water outage in Sudan’s capital

March 25 - 2015 KHARTOUM
A bread bakery in Khartoum (
A bread bakery in Khartoum (

A number of bakeries in Omdurman closed their doors on Saturday, owing to the flour crisis in the country. In the southern districts of Khartoum, people took to the streets on Tuesday in protest against the shortage of water.

“In particular the bakeries in the densely populated Dar El Salam and El Hilla El Jadeeda districts in Omdurman are short of flour,” a baker reported to Radio Dabanga. “As a result, many of them had to close on Saturday.”

“Since the reduction of flour distribution about two weeks ago, we are struggling to provide bread to the customers,” he said, explaining that flour prices at the black market are skyrocketing.

The director of the Flour Distribution Chamber, Mohamed Osman Nimeir, announced that the gap at the Sayga Flour Company has reached 75 percent. The production by the Seen Flour Mills has decreased by 50 percent.

The flour crisis has been attributed to the scarcity of foreign currency needed for the import of wheat.

Water crisis 

For the second time in three days, people in the southern Khartoum districts of El Sahafa, El Azhari, and Jabra, demonstrated against the shortage of water.

On Tuesday, protesters blocked traffic on the main roads by burning tires. The police intervened and dispersed them.

“We are now paying SDG 35 to 50 ($5.80 to 8.30) to water carts owners for a barrel of water,” a resident of Jabra complained to Radio Dabanga.

He blamed the Khartoum state government for its slowness in repairing the main water pipe at the Soba water station that burst three days ago.

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