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Attacks on villages, police station in North Darfur leave three dead

February 12 - 2015 TAWILA / KUTUM / MELLIT
Police officers stand guard in Khartoum (yahoo)
Police officers stand guard in Khartoum (yahoo)

At least two militiamen were killed and others injured on Monday, in a raid on two villages in Tawila locality, North Darfur. On Tuesday, a village in Kutum locality was pillaged, and a policeman was shot dead in an attack on the police station of Mellit.

One of the sheikhs of Kalo told Dabanga that “a group of Janjaweed riding on camels” stormed the villages of Kalo and Doudi, south of Tabra in Tawila locality, with the purpose to plunder them.

“The people confronted the attackers, killed at least two of them, and wounded others.”

He said that the villagers were “on guard” since January. “The same attackers are responsible for the killing of people, the torching of their villages, and robbing them of thousands of livestock in the past month.”

Bakouri village

On Tuesday, a large group of militia troops pillaged the entire village of Bakouri in Kutum locality, North Darfur, on Tuesday.

“Militiamen in six Land Cruisers attacked Bakouri, east of Dor, on Tuesday around noon,” one of the victims informed Dabanga.

“They raided the shops and houses one by one, and robbed us of all our money, personal belongings, agricultural crops, and fuel. They also stole 18 camels.”

Mellit police station

In Mellit town, policeman Abu Zur El Doma was killed, and policemen El Fadel Mohamed El Hassan, Abdelrahman Abdallah Adam, and Zaki Mohamed Ibrahim were seriously injured in a militia attack on Tuesday morning.

The Commissioner of Mellit locality, Kamaleldin Yahya Khalil, confirmed the attack “by unidentified gunmen” on the police station, saying that they also stole two police vehicles.

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