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At least 37 anti-price hikes activists detained in Sudan

January 15 - 2018 KHARTOUM / EL OBEID
Protests in Khartoum against price hikes, October 2013 (file photo)
Protests in Khartoum against price hikes, October 2013 (file photo)

The National Intelligence and security Service (NISS) is continuing its detention campaign in the country in an attempt to quell popular protests against the continuing price hikes.

According to Ali Saeed, spokesman for the Communist Party of Sudan (CPoS) at least 37 politicians and activists are being held in various parts of the country.

The homes of economist and Communist Party member Dr Sidgi Kaballo and the secretary of the CPoS Khartoum branche, Masoud El Hassan, are surrounded by security agents.

El Obeid

On Saturday, the secretaries of the North Kordofan branches of the National Umma Party (NUP) and the Communist Party were transferred from the NISS detention facilities in El Obeid to the town’s prison.

“The NISS did not allow any visits to CPoS Secretary Osman Hasan and NUP Secretary Ali Abulgasim,” Amer Mansour Zakieldin, Head of the North Kordofan branch of the NUP told Radio Dabanga.

He said that ten other people who were detained together with secretaries, were released after they were forced to sign a declaration that they would not join demonstrations.

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