Arrest in Central Darfur’s Nierteti camp

Agents of Military Intelligence arrested Mohammed Abkar Ahmed in Nierteti north camp in Central Darfur.

Agents of Military Intelligence arrested displaced man Mohammed Abkar Ahmed in a camp near Nierteti in Central Darfur.

A coordinator of the Nierteti camps for the displaced told Radio Dabanga that the military intelligence agents, driving in their vehicle, arrived in Nierteti north camp on Wednesday afternoon.

They detained Mohamed Abkar Ahmed and took him to the military garrison in Nierteti. The coordinator said that no reasons have yet been released for the arrest.

Nierteti has seen dozens of detentions of displaced people over the past months. Several members of a committee, who spoke to US Special Envoy Donald Booth when he visited Darfur at the end of July this year, have been detained, prompting condemnation from the USA and within Sudan.

Edit 08/08/2016 12:30 : The article initially stated that the agents conducted a search for a vehicle north of Nierteti, owing to a translation error.