Air strikes on Darfur cities intensify

Sudanese Air Force Hongdu JL-8 E jets (File photo: Eduard Onyshchenko GNU FDU)

One person has died, a many homes have reportedly been destroyed after Sudanese Air Force warplanes targeted strategic areas in Nyala, capital of South Darfur with air strikes last night. This follows intensified air strikes in recent days on Nyala, as well as the North Darfur capital El Fasher and villages in the Darfur region in recent weeks. The Nyala bridge was bombed and partially destroyed last week.

Journalist Suhaiba Marish says “the air raid on Nyala was very violent, as it dropped several barrel bombs targeting the police hospital, the headquarters of the warehouses and the command of the seventh regiment”.

She added that the person who was killed, in the Karan neighbourhood to the south of the city, was not directly hit, however, they were affected by the sound of the explosions in the air raid.

The shelling led to the destruction of a large number of private homes in El Jir neighbourhood, adjacent to the sites targeted by the aircraft, she says.