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Admin change causes tension in Central Darfur camps

June 1 - 2016 GARSILA
Food aid from the WFP is offloaded at a Darfur camp.
Food aid from the WFP is offloaded at a Darfur camp.

The situation in the three camps for the displaced in Garsila, capital of Wadi Salih locality in Central Darfur, has been described as ‘tense’, as a result of changes in the camps’ administration.

One of the Sheikhs of Aradeba, El Jebelein, and Jeddah camps told Radio Dabanga that the tension has been brewing since the authorities dissolved of the high committee for the displaced and replaced it with a new committee affiliated to the ruling National Congress Party.

The Sheikh explained that the new committee formed by the government is made up of 15 people headed by Hassan Ibrahim Saadulnur. The new committee asked the old committee consisting of 22 people to hand over relief distribution tasks, management of the waterworks, health, and education, but the old committee refused to do so.

He predicted a split among the camps and clashes between supporters the two committees as each party is mobilising supporters.

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