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Activists held in Kordofan, Khartoum detainees moved to Darfur prisons

January 29 - 2018 EL OBEID / KHARTOUM
Mohamed Abdallah El Doma, NUP Co-Vice-President and head of the Darfur Bar Association (RD)
Mohamed Abdallah El Doma, NUP Co-Vice-President and head of the Darfur Bar Association (RD)

Agents of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) detained three leading members of the National Umma Party (NUP) in El Obeid, capital of North Kordofan, on Sunday. Mohamed Abdallah El Doma, NUP Co-Vice-President and head of the Darfur Bar Association has reportedly been transferred to the notorious Shala Prison in North Darfur’s El Fasher. Other political leaders were transported to Central Darfur.

“They were detained on Sunday morning because they had distributed leaflets calling for the demise of the Khartoum regime,” Mansour Zakieldin, Head of the NUP branch of North Kordofan told Radio Dabanga.

He said that Adam Ibrahim, member of the Ansar Affairs Authority and Mohamed Abbas Madibo, , NUP Information Secretary were held from their shops in downtown El Obeid. Hamdan Shagga, head of the El Obeid Political Bureau was detained from his home in Salihin district.

The three are currently being held at the offices of the NISS in the North Kordofan capital.

Shala Prison

The Darfur Bar Association (DBA) received information that their chairman, Mohamed Abdallah El Doma, held on January 17 in Omdurman, has been transferred, together with other political detainees, to Shala Prison in El Fasher.

The prison is notorious for the maltreatment of its inmates.

El Doma suffers from health problems. The NISS in Khartoum did not allow his family to visit him or hand and refused to accept the medicines they brought for him.

In a statement on Sunday, the Darfur lawyers said they would check the information and report on it later this week.

They mentioned that El Doma was detained 13 times before because of his political convictions. He remained in prison for several years.

“However, all these arrests did not stop him from his struggle against injustice, tyranny, and from defending basic human rights and freedoms,” the statement reads.


According to reports received from Khartoum, political detainees Dr Abulhasan Farah, Ismail Adam Hamed. and Dr Yousef El Kouda were also transported from Khartoum to El Fasher.

Communist Party leaders Mohamed Mukhtar El Khateeb, Siddig Yousef, Mohyieldin El Jallad, and Dr Sidgi Kaballo were allegedly transferred to the Zalingei prison in central Darfur.

At least 400 political activists are currently being held by the National Intelligence and Seciurity Service (NISS) in the country. Reportedly, some of them have been seriously maltreated.


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