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7,111 families reach Darfur camps receiving ‘daily flows’ of displaced

May 1 - 2013 NYALA

At least 7,111 families, fleeing battles between government and rebels forces, have arrived in the South Darfur camp of Kalma over the last month. El Salam camp also continues receiving displaced, while two of its residents were killed by militias on Tuesday.

Hussein Abu Sharati, spokesman for the association of displaced persons and refugees of Darfur, said most of the displaced arriving in Kalma come from conflict zones in east and south of Nyala, where frequent battles have been taking place.

He disclosed that humanitarian organizations working in the area “are failing to provide” the necessary support to the new arrivals, adding that so far, only 431 families have received aid.

The displaced are living in “extremely difficult conditions, as they lack the most basic needs”, Abu Sharati said. He is calling upon agencies to provide support “immediately” to the displaced as more people continue arriving at the camp.

El Salam

Two displaced persons were shot dead on Tuesday by pro-government militias who were raiding the El Salam camp, situated near Nyala. A witness said the militias continued attacking and looting the displaced and indiscriminately firing gunshots in the air.

Sources stressed that people are still arriving at the camp on a daily basis, adding they are fleeing areas south of Nyala.

Also in El Salam are the new arrivals living in “very difficult conditions” and sources appealed to UNAMID to urgently provide them “full protection”.

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