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39 rape victims in two months at South Darfur’s Kalma camp

June 5 - 2014 KALMA CAMP

A total of 39 displaced women and girls from Kalma camp in South Darfur, were the victims of rape during April and May 2014.

Almost all of the rapes occurred while the women were collecting firewood, or other essential tasks such as gathering hay, palm leaves, or tending crops. The victims, aged from 13 to 38, all fell to armed ‘Janjaweed’ militiamen.

Saleh Eisa, the Secretary-General of Kalma camp told Radio Dabanga that there were 24 cases in April and 15 in May. “All the rapes were done at gunpoint. In 16 cases, victims suffered three or four-hour gang-rape ordeals.”

Eisa pointed out that since 2004, at least 300 children have been born of mothers impregnated by rape. “Several of these children have run away from the camp after discovering how they were conceived.”

He appealed to the international community and humanitarian organisations to find an alternative for wood collection, and access to means of livelihood for the displaced women in the camps.

“There is a need for income-generating projects such as women's centres where they can be trained, along with providing them with materials that help them work, earn a living and improve their living standards. This will reduce the number of rapes in all the camps in Darfur and neighbouring countries.”

The Secretary-General noted that there is currently little organised support for rape victims after the government’s expulsion of the organisations in 2009. “Doctors without borders (MSF) used to have a section dedicated to the treatment of rape victims so that they might not get pregnant, providing them with guidance.”

File photo: Darfur women demanding justice. Their banner reads: “Rape victims demand immediate punishment for criminal Janjaweed”.


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