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35 children raped in South Darfur in April, May: A-G

May 31 - 2017 NYALA

The South Darfur child prosecutor’s agency received 35 reports of rape against children in the state in April and May, according to a statement by the Ministry of Justice.

Adel Mohamed Hassan, the senior attorney-general’s advisor told a news conference in the state capital of Nyala that that the court so far has adjudicated seven of the rape cases of the most serious phenomenon of their kind in South Darfur.

He pointed out that in many cases, the crime of rape is kept secret and not reported in South Darfur, for fear of the social stigma.

He called on the population to immediately report the occurrence of any crime or harassment against children.

He stressed that the fight against crime is the responsibility of the whole society without exception, especially families.

Death sentence

On Monday, The Children's Court in Nyala sentenced the rapist and killer of a six-year-old girl to death by hanging. The victim was found dead, tied-down in his shop on 17 May. She had been suffocated with napkins and biscuits. 

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