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30 East Darfur policemen dismissed

April 8 - 2015 ED DAEIN
Members of the riot police during a training (file photo)
Members of the riot police during a training (file photo)

The Sudanese Ministry of Interior dismissed 30 East Darfur policemen on Tuesday, who refused to be transferred to South Kordofan.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, a listener explained that the policemen refused to join their colleagues in South Kordofan, on the ground that they have repeatedly performed their duty in the war-torn southern region, while others have not been sent to the battle fields at all.

The source considered the dismissal as ‘targeting a specific group’, and explained that the 30 policemen are all from Abu Karinka, Adila, and Sharif.

Among the dismissed are Cpl Ahmed Mohamed Bireima, Cpl Hamid Ahmed Abdelrahman, Cpl Fadlallah Osman Jarelnabi, Cpl Nurein Abdallah Fareiha, LCpl Ahmed Ibrahim Sabeel, and LCpl Hamid Abdul Azein Ahmed, from Abu Karinka locality, Sgt Yousif Adam Yousif, Cpl El Sayir Idris, and LCpl Fadul Mohamed Ibrahim from Adila, and Sgt Abdelrahman Saleh Nayir and Sgt Bashir Abdallah Bashir, from Sharif locality.

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