15yo boy killed by Sudan security forces as protests are met with heavy violence

Protest in Sudan (File photo: Social Media)

OMDURMAN / KHARTOUM – February 10, 2023

The Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors (CCSD) reported the death of a 15-year-old protester at the hands of security forces during anti-junta demonstrations in Omdurman yesterday. Other protests that took place on Tuesday and Wednesday were also met with heavy violence by security forces.

The boy, called Yasin, died after a tear gas canister was launched at his head by the security forces during the February 9 Marches of the Millions.

The CCSD said in a press statement after the incident yesterday that the total number of protesters killed in the Sudanese capital since the military coup on October 25, 2021, had reached 124 martyrs.

International visit

On Wednesday, resistance committees in Khartoum organised a march to the Republican Palace in conjunction with the visit of six international envoys who support the Framework Agreement to Khartoum.

The convoys set off from the Bashdar meeting point in El Deyoum El Shargiya, south of the city centre. Security forces intercepted the crowd at El Gasr (Palace) Street, using tear gas and excessive violence.

Marches of the Millions in Khartoum on Wednesday, February 8 (social media)

Days of protest

On Tuesday, the Resistance Committees of Greater Omdurman organised a march to the parliament building along the Nile to demand justice and protest the impunity the security forces enjoy.

One of the participants in the demonstration told Radio Dabanga that they demand that official complaints be lodged about ‘crimes against humanity’ instead of ‘murder’ when protesters are killed.

The security forces fired large amounts of tear gas at the demonstrators near the parliament building.

The CCSD reported that 11 demonstrators were injured in the February 7 demonstrations in Omdurman due to the use of excessive violence.

Possible impunity for military leaders has been a very contentious issue in the ongoing negotiations on an agreement between Sudan’s military authorities, who took power in a coup, and the civilian coalition led by the mainstream Forces for Freedom and Change-Central Council (FFC-CC).