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14 killed in tribal clashes in Darfur

April 15 - 2010 KASS

Two Arab tribes clashed yesterday evening in Kass, a town already hosting tens of thousands of refugees. Eyewitnesses told Radio Dabanga that the fighting started Wednesday evening and continued until 10:00 last night. Fighters used heavy guns, causing a lot of fear among civilians. Tens were wounded or killed and hundreds fled. The clashes reportedly began after a police officer killed a civilian. The government refused to give compensation to the tribe of the slain man, saying that the officer had acted in self-defense. The Taalba and Mahadi are the two Arab tribes reportedly involved.

(Update, 15 Apr., 18:00 local time):

Fourteen were killed and 24 injured in the clashes in the district of Boro Boro, in the northern part of Kass town. Some houses were burnt and hundreds who fled have sought shelter downtown. Eyewitnesses said that the humanitarian situation is very bad and that the displaced people urgently need shelter, food and water. Fahra Mustafa, deputy governor of South Darfur, told Radio Dabagna that government forces now control the situation entirely. Another source, Muhamed Abushama of the Taalba tribe said that he was speaking on behalf of all sheiks to urge their people to be wise and to stop violence and to sit at the negotiation table to solve the conflict.

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