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August 19 - 2022 NYALA / KATILA / UM DAFUG

Sudan floods: collapsed Darfur dam threatens to flood entire town

The number of houses demolished by torrential rains in El Salam camp for the displaced in South Darfur has risen to more than 4,000. No new casualties were reported, but the situation...
August 19 - 2022 LAGAWA / KADUGLI / DELLING

More attacks against farmers in Kordofan, no police response

Several farmers have been attacked in Kordofan. One farmer and his son were killed in West Kordofan two days ago, whilst farmers in South Kordofan were attacked by armed robbers...
August 18 - 2022 SARAF OMRA

North Darfur tribes sign peace agreement ahead of upcoming conference

The Fur and Tama tribes of Saraf Omra in North Darfur signed a peace agreement yesterday, in order to prevent further hostilities ahead of the peace conference being held in the...
August 18 - 2022 KHARTOUM

Trilateral Mechanism holds meetings with FFC-CC and the Sudan People’s Call initiative ‘to achieve political consensus’

The Trilateral Mechanism held two separate meetings yesterday with the mainstream Forces for Freedom and Change and Central Council faction (FFC-CC), and the Sudan People’s Call...

Sudan flood deaths rise to 77 – El Managil in El Gezira declared disaster area

August 18 - 2022 NYALA / EL OBEID / EL MANAGIL / RABAK

The official death toll from torrential rains and flash floods in Sudan has risen to 77, thousands of homes have been destroyed in South Darfur and North Kordofan, and El Managil locality in El Gezira state has been declared a disaster area.

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August 18 - 2022 KUTUM

North Darfur: Activists criticise state security response to deadly attacks

Local activists lambasted the North Darfur State Security Committee statement concerning the recent incidents in Kutum, which left seven people dead earlier this week.

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August 15 - 2022 KHARTOUM

US-Sudanese student shot dead outside Khartoum intelligence service social club

Slain 21-year-old, Mohamed Magdi Taha (Social Media)
A US student of Sudanese descent was shot dead outside Khartoum’s Nile Club, a General Intelligence Service (GIS) social club, following an apparent altercation with a security...