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Meet Ibrahim, one of the journalists of Radio Dabanga.


“I am Ibrahim Jadelkarim. I fled my home country to provide independent and critical news about Sudan to millions of people. Now, my colleagues at Radio Dabanga and I are asking for your support.

Radio Dabanga is the only independent radio station from and for the people of Sudan, reaching over 2,000,000 listeners a day, providing them with life-saving information and news.

“We report on the situation in Sudan from the heart of Amsterdam, where we can put into action our belief that people in Sudan have the right to access independent information. To be able to continue our important work, we need your help!

One day of life-saving radio = €290 ($340). These are the technical costs of broadcasting one hour of shortwave radio per day. By donating two minutes, ten minutes, one hour, to even a few days of airtime, you will allow us to continue to deliver life-saving information. Together we will keep Radio Dabanga on air!

“On behalf of my fellow editors and listeners in Sudan: THANK YOU!”

© Radio Dabanga, 2018


Radio Dabanga’s impact in Sudan

When an outbreak of cholera swept through Sudan between August 2016 and mid-2017, the Sudanese government spread misinformation about the severity of the outbreak. With the help of medical sources at rural hospitals, Dabanga reported on the cholera outbreak and informed people through its shortwave radio broadcasts and social media about ways to prevent infection. This is one of many examples of the importance of Radio Dabanga over the past 10 years for our 2.3 million daily listeners in Sudan. Radio Dabanga gives the Sudanese public a voice and that allows them to be heard. In this way, Dabanga promotes peace in the country.

Why is your help so important?

In 2017, the international political situation has caused a winding down of the usual funding that Radio Dabanga bases its operations on. The international community started to see the Sudanese government increasingly as a friend in their fight against terrorism and the refugee crisis, and fail to recognize the violations against its own people. This creates an even greater need for the journalists of Radio Dabanga to report the news that the world has ceased to be aware of.

The targeted amount in this crowdfunding campaign will provide the team with at least 155 days of radio broadcasts. This will set Radio Dabanga well on its way to its 10th anniversary - an anniversary on which we still strive to broadcast shortwave radio. Let’s sponsor the independent work of these Sudanese radio champions with as many broadcast days as possible!

Note: Our campaign on has come to an end. You can still donate to Radio Dabanga through the Dutch platform!

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