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Sudan OCHA bulletin 51: Thousands affected by violence in Kutum

December 25 - 2015 KHARTOUM

Attacks on villages in Kutum locality in the beginning of December have affected approximately 10,000 people, who reportedly have been hiding in the mountains and urgently need shelter and food, reported the UN humanitarian office (OCHA).

According to the Government’s Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) and community leaders, attacks on 34 villages in Kutum locality from 2 to 3 December have affected an estimated 10,000 people. During the attack, five people were killed, 14 villages were burned to the ground, and another 20 villages were raided.

Aid organisations plan to visit the area from 23 to 27 December, to conduct an inter-agency assessment and provide initial emergency response. This would include emergency shelter and household supplies, basic emergency health kits, as well as nutrition and water and sanitation supplies to the affected people.

Jebel Marra residents assisted

The OCHA weekly bulletin further reported that aid organisations still provide humanitarian assistance to an estimated 37,000 people in need of assistance in East Jebel Marra’s Fanga Suk area (known as North Jebel Marra).

Approximately 29,000 people arrived from surrounding of Niscam, Abonga and Wara villages claiming they were displaced from their home areas in January of this year and are in need of assistance. The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) - through the Sudanese Red Crescent Society (SRCS) - has distributed emergency shelter and household supplies to about 7,875 people. Three tents act as temporary health centres in Fanga Suk where pregnant women were able to receive health care and 1,500 children under five years received polio vaccines.

571 suspected dengue fever cases

According to the Ministry of Health, a total of 571 suspected dengue fever cases, including 133 deaths, were reported in Sudan between 29 August (when the outbreak started) and 11 December. The outbreak has affected Darfur, Kassala and Kordofan states.

In Darfur, 523 suspected cases - including 128 deaths - were reported in 27 states between 29 August and 11 December. In the Kordofan states, 42 suspected cases - including four deaths - were reported in the seven localities of Abyei, Keilak, Babanusa (West Kordofan), El Rif El Shargi, Kadugli, Habila (South Kordofan) and Sheikan (North Kordofan) between 17 October and 11 December.

The UN Resident / Humanitarian Coordinator has approved the allocation of US$1 million from the Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF) to strengthen the health sector response to the ongoing outbreak.

Floods in Red Sea State

20,600 people - out of the 58,900 people in the town - were affected by floods in Tokar in Red Sea, with 2,727 homes, 145 latrines and 31 shops destroyed and an additional 1,389 homes damaged. Emergency shelter and household supplies, water and sanitation services were identified as the major needs during an assessment on 8 December by the Health Ministry, the HAC, UNICEF, the SRCS and WHO.

This brings the total number of people affected by floods in the country to 51,600. This is much less than the 277,000 and 500,000 people affected in 2014 and 2013 respectively, mainly because of the low rainfall this season and government mitigation efforts including the rehabilitation and building of drainage systems, building of dams, and ensuing the proper implementation of construction codes.

Tearfund offices closed

On 14 December, Tearfund offices across Sudan were visited by government officials and asked to close until further notice. No reason for the closure was given. Tearfund is currently seeking the government’s guidance on how to proceed in order to resume humanitarian activities.

Read the full OCHA bulletin here

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