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US military attaché visits North Darfur

April 10 - 2017 EL FASHER / TULLUS
The US military attaché visiting the Governor of North Darfur, 9 April 2017 (SUNA)
The US military attaché visiting the Governor of North Darfur, 9 April 2017 (SUNA)

On Sunday, the Governor of North Darfur received the military attaché of the US embassy in Sudan in El Fasher.

Governor Abdelwahid Yousif briefed the US official on the efforts being exerted by his government “to remove the negative impact of war in the state”, the official Sudan News Agency (SUNA) reported on Saturday.

He referred to the North Darfur government plans to collect arms among civilians, provide services, and implement development projects in the state.

According to SUNA, the Military Attaché John Bung said he witnessed great developments in North Darfur, and lauded the coordination between the state and federal security bodies to maintain the security situation in the region.

Collecting arms

During a visit to Tullus on Saturday, the Governor of South Darfur, Adam El Faki, stated that the collection of weapons from civilians will start “in the coming period, in order to complete the integration of the social peace process in the state”.

“We will confront the group that wants to destabilise the state, so that the people can live a normal live in a safe and stable environment,” he said, and called on the South Darfuris “to unite and maintain security and stability, so that they can receive development services in their areas”.

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